Cline Design and Build works collaboratively with you, listening to your needs, to ensure your preferences are incorporated into your landscape, hardscape or outdoor living area. We gather specific information about your home and carefully consider opportunities to enhance your yard.


It can be difficult to visualize how your yard could look and to work out where to add features and plants for best effect. Our role is to help you do just that. We will listen to your requirements and ideas turning them into reality with the minimum of fuss, time and bother. This could be a full-blown design project including a presentation plan, construction drawings and planting plan or it could be a simple revamp of your existing landscape.


Hardscape projects add great value to your home. They can be very low maintenance and highly durable. Hardscapes enhance your outdoor living spaces and it pays for itself in the long run. We develop and design a space based on each client’s specific sense of style while incorporating functionality. We take your time and investment very serious.


The backyard is taking over as the favorite gathering space for cooking, entertaining and relaxation. We will design for you the perfect outdoor living space, full of beauty and functionality, to match your lifestyle and budget. You can rely on our expertise to give you the finest design and material selection for your new space. We can provide, make recommendations, and install all the best quality man made products and natural stone to help you achieve the look that best fits your taste and that compliments your home.

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Our goal is to provide quality service and a unique style to our clients home. We have been providing excellent work to Belmont and the surrounding areas for over 16 years.

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